Special Layer Tags

By using special tags you can tell the service how you want the layer to be processed. Suppose you want the text wrapped in H1 tags so that the search engines will pay more attention to that section. All special tags begin with the tilde (~).




Light Box

  • ~h1 ~h2 ~h3 ~h4 ~h5 ~h6 - The text will be wrapped with the corresponding header level
  • ~link~{url} - This layer either text or image will be a hyperlink, where {url} contains the link and anything prior to ~link will be part of the anchor or title. So to link to us, you would name your layer Goto Jadii~link~www.jadii.com
  • ~bg - For text layers this will be ignored, but for a images this will be part of the background in the CSS tags
  • ~image - When using a text layer, this will be converted to a image regardless of whether they text was websafe or not.
  • ~text - When using a text layer, this will be converted as if it was a websafe font.
  • ~skip - Ignore this layer, pretend like it never existed
  • ~lightbox - When a user clicks an image to have it magnified in a Lightbox window, it will resizes itself according to the size of the image using a gliding animation. Create a group with the tag ~lightbox, add two images, a small thumbnail and a larger magnified in the group. The layer names for the large and small images will be for the title and description. Grab the cheat sheet and upload it to see it in action. Fee free to make the magnifed invsible. Supported Browsers: Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome 10.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, Safari 3.1.1+, Opera 9+