Optimize for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of increasing your pages visibility in earch engines to so that otheres can successfully find your HTML/CSS page on the Internet. Jadii can help with that by setting the metatags as title, description, keywords for the page.

This is only one of the part for SEO, setting the H1->H6 and also the position of your content affects SEO. The following is a very small list:

  • The number of other sites linking to it
  • The content of the pages
  • The updates made to indicies
  • The discovery of additional sites
  • When the domain expires
  • Inside flash cant be searched
  • Changes to the search algorithm – and other factors

But within Photoshop, select File' menu select 'File Info...' and choose the 'Description' tab. Fill in the following: 'Document title', 'Description', 'Author', Keywords'.