Best Practices

Jadii, because it is a automated service has some limitations about what it will read and how it will interpret PSD files. So here are a couple simple guidelines about your PSD files that will achieve the best results:

  • 8 bit RGM Images - Use only 8 bit RGB images only, 16 bit, CMYK, Lab colors are not supported.
  • Visible & Invisible Layers - If a layer is Invisible it will not be generated and will be skipped by Jadii. The only exceptions are the special metadata layers.
  • Visible & Invisible Groups - If a group is marked as Invisible than any layer under that group will not be generated, even if that layer is marked as visible. Jadii tried it best top render the PSD as you see it in Photoshop or Gimp, also known as (WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get).
  • Blending Options - Currently, these are not supported and need to be rasteriezed prior to uploading. The Rasterize a layer, Right click on the layer and select 'Rasterize Layer', if it is grayed out, than you will first need to Right Click and select 'Convert to Smart Object'. Blending options include: Drop/Inner Shadow, Inner/Outer Glow, Bevel and Emboss, Satin, Stroke and Color/Gradient/Pattern Overlay.
  • Layer Position - Layers either images or text will be placed on the Z axis, within your layers panels, the layers on the bottom get overlayed by the layers on the top. The same will occur with Jadii, the top layers will overlay the ones on the bottom.
  • Screen Layout - Not required, but to minimize any confusion by the automated process it is best to try to lay the screen from top to bottom. the Top layer would be the header, and the bottom layer would be the footer. As the optimizer code matures this will be less of a issue.
  • Complex Images - As most designers, including myself, use multiple layers to represent a single image, and they overlay each other just slightly to make the perfect image. It is best to convert them to one layer, Jadii will create a separate layer for each one and the end result might not be what you expect.
  • Less is More - In regards to layers, try to minimize the number of layers to what is needed, goes along with the Complex Images above.